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Angela Farr-Birchfield  August 14,1972 - April 30,2001

Angels2TheHeart was actually sparked over four years ago.  My beautiful baby sister was fighting brain cancer at the age of 28.  During her last months on earth, so many earthly angels made a magical difference to her with their mail, care packages and prayers.  Shortly before her death, my sister, whose name was Angel, and I made a pact that I would carry on this wonderful tradition of being an earthly angel and she would do her part by being a guardian angel to me and those I would "angel" (this word somehow became a verb!).  It was our way of seeing that the blessings she was given came full circle.  I do not doubt that Angel is at my side as I continue this work.  To read more about Angel and her life, click her image above to see my book, "Angel's Legacy" and read an excerpt about the best angel I have ever lil' sis.

This page is dedicated to Angel and to the recipients we have loved and cared for on their way to Heaven. We will never forget you.




Margie Ireland

February 2, 1944 - April 30, 2008

A part of our Angels2TheHeart family and sister to our angel Kathy Roberts (below), daughter to Ruth Lippincott (below), who have now joined with her in heaven.  Margie's goodness and great love will always remain with us.


Lawson Phillips

February 6, 1999 - December 13, 2007

A beautiful, hard-working farm-boy, who loved his life and was loved by everyone who knew him. He was a true joy and Heaven now has the best farmer to care for all the animals.


Jean Harvie

May 24, 1928 - May 9,  2008

Mother to angel Jana and for several years loved and prayed for by Angels2TheHeart. She will be missed.


Pat Mingo

1945 - 2007

Rhodena "Pat" Mingo, was a part of Angels2TheHeart for several years and we were honored to be a part of her life. She was a mother and grandmother and left a legacy of love to all who knew her. 



Katherine "Kathy" Roberts

November 20, 1949 - March 19, 2007 

An Angels2TheHeart outstanding angel.  Taken to Heaven before we were ready.  Kathy's generous heart and spirit of sunshine will be deeply missed.  She made a difference to our recipients and left the world better for her being in it.  Forever an angel.





Debbie Brewer

1958 - 2006

Sweet, beloved wife and soul mate to Michael and mom to four children. She loved her husband more than life itself and he was always her first priority, even as she battled cancer. She will always be missed.

Veronica "Tiny" Burke

- 2005  Nova Scotia, Canada

Such a thoughtful, kind soul.  We all grew to love her so much and she will be remembered by many!



Gary Turner

1982 - 2005 Cheshire, England

A joy and a very special young man, loved by all the Angels2TheHeart, especially his sweetheart, angel Joanne K.


Daegen Feyh


Little hero, saint and angel.  He'll be sliding on rainbows and shaping the clouds.


Sheri Vyette Luna

1962 - 2005

An angel to many, devoted Christian and beloved by everyone, especially children.

Faye Emmart

1947 - 2005

Mother, grandmother, devoted wife and valiant daughter of God


Thomas A. Daugherty

1953 - 2005

Proud Irishman, Christian and friend.

Barbara Jean Taylor

1947 - 2005

Mother, grandmother, wife, friend and daughter of God.


"Mama" Ruth Lippincott went to Heaven June 2005

Ruth was a very beloved part of Angels2TheHeart. Her joyous, loving spirit will be with us always.

Ron Davis

1939 - 2004

Beloved husband to angel Joyce, #1 Grandpa, father and friend.

Jane Marie Ludwig
March  1961-January 31, 2014

Lance Gardenhire

1984 - 2004

Beautiful, gentle hero, beloved by all our angels.

Pat Lowe

1931 - 2003

A true friend to all at, cherished wife to Willie & eternal rose.

Maddie Loveless 

1960 - 2004

First an Angel2TheHeart, then a brave cancer fighter. We love you and will miss you, Maddie.

Chrissy Pawlowski

1980 - 2003

Jolene Litchfield

1956 - 2004

Beautiful friend, cherished wife and forever angel.

Teresa White

1960 - 2004

A very special part of Angels2TheHeart, daughter, mother and granddaughter.

Bea McCamey August 1913 - April 25, 2005

Talented, spiritual mother and friend & servant of the Lord

More photo tributes coming soon!


    "We're all connected through compassion. It's about taking care of each other as if we were all part of an extended family." EL Callahan

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