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Scroll down below the guestbook to read a few letters from our recipients, and even some angels. We thought their letters would bless you as they have us!

Click the link below to leave your own note of appreciation for Angels2TheHeart! Feel free to thank your angels by name.

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Name: Ashley Surratt
Date: 05/01/2009
Message:  Thank ya'll so much. I love getting the cards in mail. It means alot.

Name: Junior Trejo
Date: 04/11/2009
Message: Thank you so much for the notes, cards, books, and other things Junior received this past month. I am sorry to not have posted a thank you sooner. Junior has had a very difficult month and we spent more hours then I can count in the doctors offices. Thank you to Sonja for the wonderful lizard book, Junior loves, loves, loves it. Also thank you to Yvonne, Christine, Carla, Sheela, and the many others who have brightened and add joy to our days. Susan thank you so very much for the book and Easter package. Junior decided the bunny ears needed to go on top of his Easter tree. Grandma Ginger your package arrived today and Junior was delighted with the car and cool card. He can't wait to put it together. Thank you again to all the wonderful angels, we love each of you. God bless, Heidi & Junior (Junior's blog)

Name: Lisa B and Mom Judy
Date: 03/28/2009
Message: Lisa loves receiving the cards and surprises you have sent her! HUGE Thank you's to everyone for their kindness and the sweet birthday wishes. She especially loved her two birthday packages. You are all TRULY special angels. THANK YOU!!! Please PRAY for our family, visit our website

Name: Junior Trejo
Date: 03/11/2009
Message: Wanted to stop by and say thank you to all the angels for their wonderful notes these past weeks. Junior is so pleased each time he gets a letter and most of them get read more than once. He got a big kick out of the St. Patricks Cards he got this week, and loved the little pinwheel included in one of them. Thank you each for the time you take to share some joy with our family. Your angel mail lifts my spirits as much as it does Junior's. We are truly blessed by this family of angels. God bless, Heidi & Junior Please feel free to visit Junior's blog

Name: Angel Eunice Nygard
Date: 03/05/2009
Message: Thank you to each one who has prayed for me and sent cards during the past weeks following the sudden death of my husband. I just returned to HI from MN where we held a celebration of his life and inurnment at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. I now have closure after 10 weeks of planning the events to honor his life from a distance. The Lord has carried me and will continue to do so and I thank you for caring for me during this time.

Name: Heather Stevenson, Rochester, NY
Date: 03/05/2009
Message: I am thankful for all the angels who have taken time out of their days to write me special notes to lift my spirits during a difficult time in my health. Each one of you is very special. Special thanks to: Also, please tell them that these two angels in particular are terrific: Christine Duvernell, Edwardsville, IL, is fabulous-sends photos, sent a QUALITY Christmas box filled with individually wrapped gifts based on things she knew I liked (for example a min-scrapbook) I used it for my Christmas photos this year and will not feeling well, I just slipped the photos in on the ready-made pages. SO helpful and kind. also: Yvonne McCaffrey of Northumberland England sends mail from England which I know is more expensive, but it does not stop her from sending mail faithfully. Thank you!!! Heather

Name: Junior Trejo
Date: 01/24/2009
Message: I just had to post a special thank you to Angel Ginger Nethercot. Junior was thrilled when he opened the package today and found the batman t-shirt. You brightened our day and put a huge smile on Junior's face. He wants to put it on right now so I told him as soon as his treatments are finished he can wear it. I will be sure to post a picture of him in it on his blog. Thank you again Anastasia, Junior loved the Spider man cards he received a couple weeks ago, I apologize for it taking this long to thank you. He has looked at them many times. Also thank you to the many other angels who have sent mail to Junior this month. Christine, Sheela, Robin, Mary Ellen, and I am sure I have forgotten to put in everyone. Know we appreciate each and everyone of you(even if I missed your name). We love you all and are blessed to have each of you in our lives. God bless Heidi & Junior

Name: Nancy arper
Date: 01/04/2009
Message: I would like to thank all of my wonderful angels for the special gift boxes and other gifts that I received over the holidays. Christine Duvelle Susan Turner Sonja Hubbard Carla D. Herrington Deborah L. Denison Mary Ellen Grisham Yuonne McCaffrey Aneisteisia Luzioberis Caroline Gomes and her daughter Abby who helped shop and wrap the gifts for me, Happy Holidays, Health, Wealth & Love to all of you this New Year. Love & Prayers Always and Ever Nancy

Name: Abigail Malone
Date: 01/02/2009
Message: I just wanted to thank all of the angels who sent Abigail a card or special surprise over the Christmas Holiday. She has been truly blessed and it brings such joy to her to get things in the mail. She keeps all of her cards in a gift sack and dumps them out and looks over them every few days. Thank you all for making her smile and feel special. Abigail and Melissa Malone

Name: nick
Date: 12/24/2008
Message: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR SPECIAL ANGELS!!! we are wishing each one of you and your families a wonderful holiday season and wanted to again THANK YOU for everything you do for nick!! loves, hugs and prayers nick - tanya

Dear Angels2TheHeart,
I wanted to let you all know how very much you have meant to my aunt Mary C.  Just yesterday I was there helping her and the mail arrived.  There was much, much, more than any other resident.  She beamed as she opened them.  There was an owl pin in one which she put right on her blouse!  She enjoyed the notes and cards so very much her face lit up.  Oh, I have mail from the angels! 

I had realized in some place in my head that being older and ill was lonley.  Just looking around what a difference  you angels make.  I can hear many times soft sobs of lonliness from some of the rooms.  But not my aunt's room.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have meant to her and what a difference you make to so many who do not have someone to report to you.

Had we been there when they crucified Our Lord, not a one of us would hesitate to comfort HIM.  How delightful it is for so many to reach out in His name to comfort a stranger.  May your kindnesses be returned a hundred fold.

Dear Susan
I was sitting at my kitchen table when the door bell rang I went to be greeted by the fed ex man who handled me a box,which I must say I rushed to open what I found inside were beautiful flowers with a card that read
Dear Maddie
You are in our thoughts and prayers
much much love, Angels2theheart
I thankyou so much for the flowers they really put a smile on my face Your kindness really moves my heart and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart with love and much appreciation
Maddie L.  
(Angel2TheHeart and later a recipient, who lost her battle with cancer in 2004)
Dear Angels2TheHeart,
My name is Mary K. I want to take time out to say thanks for this ministry. I praise God for being so awesome. His Word says His holy Spirit will comfort as a mother would comfort a child. Truely my husband and I TOO HAVE BEEN COMFORTED BY THE BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS cards magnets and gifts. It has ben rough since Dec. His treatments have been hard on him with much pain and nausea. Please let the wonderful Angels2TheHeart know how special they are and how much we are encouraged by their cards, letters, scriptures and prayers. They seem to come at a time when we need something to help us keep hanging on. I know there will be rewards in heaven for you. I have saved addresses and plan to write thank-you notes to each one, but until then just know we are grateful and encoured by you. My dear sweet Jerry cries every time he reads your letters and cards. I have displayed them on a table and the wall beside where he sits and rests each day. We will pray for each of you and your ministry.
Mary, wife of Jerry K
What a great bunch of people belong to the angels group.  I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful cards and messages from the angels.  I am so glad to be a part of this group.  They are truly angels!
I would like to thank you on behalf of my friend's daughter, Chrissy from IL.  I put her on the list as she has an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, and is getting worse by the day.

Today her Mother Chris, called me to say she has just received some nice things from your site, and it made Chrissy so very happy.

Thank you again for all that you do, and for the chance you give to others to have a little bit of happiness during their trying times.
I want to thank everyone in your organization for all the cards and gifts that were sent to David.  David passed away yesterday morning at 10:05 in the morning in my arms as I told him I loved him.  Dave was very grateful for all the cards.  I remember the first day he got a card from Susan F. he was having a really bad day and that just made it easier for him.  He fought a very hard battle but you guys cheered him up every single day.  I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing and I have decided to join you.  I will be filling out the paperwork shortly for I want to make a difference in someone's life also.  Once again thank you for everything. Please pass the information about his passing along  to all the angels that cared.

    "We're all connected through compassion. It's about taking care of each other as if we were all part of an extended family." EL Callahan

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