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 Our Story! - Read the story of how Angels2TheHeart began!


Angels2TheHeart is a very special branch of 2TheHeart!  Launched in 2003, we now have over 200 volunteers (both men and women!) who have helped make a difference to countless people in need!  Our cards, prayers and gifts can and do bring about change. They bring love where there is loneliness and shine a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day! And very, very often, this outpouring of love gives back meaning to those who feel they don't have much to enjoy each day.

Our mission is to send support, prayers, email and mail to those in need.  If you would like to be a 2TheHeart Angel, you will need to fill out an online form (below) with your basic information. I will send out regular emails to everyone on the list with the names and addresses (both email and mailing) of our recipients who are ill or suffering and in need of love and cheering up!

If you are or know of someone in need of extra support and "happy mail", please have a form filled out for them or yourself.  If they are under 18, I will need parental consent to receive mail. 

All recipients need to be notified! Please do not sign anyone up as a "surprise", but if they are accepted, let them know they will be receiving "happy mail" from Angels2TheHeart!


To be an Angel2TheHeart:

If you would like to participate as an Angel2TheHeart, please fill out the online form. You will be asked to send happy mail (cards and small gifts) and sometimes email once a week, if possible. You do not have to send to everyone on the list - you may choose to send to just one recipient - or to send to various recipients when you can.  Also, please pray for each recipient! One thing I do ask is that any mail you send show "Angels2TheHeart" in the return address so that our recipients know who the mail is from.


To receive FROM Angels2TheHeart:

If you would like to sign yourself or someone you know up, please fill out the online form. Any very personal information will only be seen by myself. I will only share with the angels2theheart information you are comfortable sharing, that pertain to your angeling.  Not everyone can be accepted at this time, due to the current overwhelming need, so please be clear on the signup form as to specifics of the recipient's need. Children need to have parental consent.

*Recipients cannot be Angels2theheart and Angels2theheart cannot be recipients.

With any questions regarding this project, please email me at


    "We're all connected through compassion. It's about taking care of each other as if we were all part of an extended family." EL Callahan

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